InterFinanz - Pionier
der deutschen M&A-Branche

Mehr als 50 Jahre Erfahrung
aus erfolgreichen Unternehmensverkäufen

Erfahrung, die sich auszahlt

Unsere Berater zeichnen sich durch Professionalität,
Diskretion, hohe Leistungsbereitschaft, Zuverlässigkeit
und eine langjährige, erfolgreiche M&A-Beratungstätigkeit aus.

Thank you for your interest in InterFinanz!

Permanent positionsSince 1958, InterFinanz has successfully established itself in the M&A business and is currently looking for applicants, who have an interest in the M&A positions “Associate” – for university graduates or professionals with a few years of experience as well as “Project Leader” – for professionals with at least 5 years of experience in M&A.

Working for InterFinanz means

  • Learning on the job and in a team:
    • You get your own working and task areas and work in teams, which constantly support you and foster your skills. Furthermore, you are in contact with clients from the very beginning.
  • Involvement in the whole M&A process from early on:
    • Focus away from single tasks.
  • Internationality from the very beginning: our clients are corporate buyers and sellers from all over the world:
    • Although the main language is German, you will regularly communicate in English and also get to know our international Global M&A Partners at different conferences. In addition, project-related business trips take place on a frequent basis.
  • We encourage your independence and increasing project responsibility:
    • Day by day.
  • We emphasize the importance of team work while enabling your personal development at the same time :
    • It is not only the team concept, but analytical and consultative skills are of equal importance as well as problem solving competencies and the ability to focus on the essential, the success – large or small.
  • We offer a broad scope of business administrative skills and tasks:
    • Balance sheet analysis, legal and tax related topics, integration of the micro- and macroeconomic environment as well as getting insights and gaining knowledge of a wide range of attractive and growth-intensive industries. A vital aspect here is your personal appearance and competent interaction with our clients.
  • We appreciate and encourage your success:
    • This concept is underlined by a performance- and success-oriented compensation
  • Last, but not least:
    • A pleasant and human working environment awaits you in the beautiful and cosmopolitan city of Düsseldorf.



InternshipsWe offer internships from August 2018 - please contact us!




Phone: +49-211-168020